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Wonderful Women Change the World!

Let's Celebrate Girl Power!

Happy International Women's Day! We're celebrating wonderful women this week and that means YOU (or your closest lady friend if you're one of our dancing dudes!)!! From having only sisters, going to all-girls high school, and having phenomenal female friends and coworkers-- I truly believe there is nothing quite like the power, intelligence, love, and charisma of a woman!

Without a doubt, my very first female role model was and still is my mom! She embodies unconditional love, generosity, compassion, warmth and strength. My mom dedicated her life's work as a Speech Pathologist to helping young children with developmental delays and disabilities. And so, from a young age, my sisters and I had an example of what it means to believe in the value of every person, regardless of ability or status. The beauty of a diverse and inclusive community is something I always strive for!

It's due to my mom's inspiration that I want to dedicate our 4th Anniversary Online Party to helping children with special needs. Meet the Artistic (Synchronized) Swimming Association of Taiwan and the DollAngels team! This wonderful organization was founded in 2000 and its athletes compete in local and international events representing Taiwan. Since 2014, the association has grown to include the DollAngels, teams for challenged athletes. Their goal is to provide equal opportunities to every child, where kids with mental and physical disabilities train and compete alongside non-disabled children, according to founder Julia Startch.

All donations from our 4th Anniversary Online Party, as well as our own contributions will go towards helping the association establish an "Athlete's Passport" to record improvements and achievements for the kids. Please join us March 13th 2-3pm on Zoom to dance in celebration of joy, inclusion, and good health for all! Sign up for the free party here ! See you there!

Keep moving!



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