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Do You Have a Lunar New Year Plan?

Make Moves , Make a Plan; Don’t Make Excuses! 💪

With the Lunar New Year holiday just days away, how are you feeling? Are you rushing around trying to clean, make preparations for meals, or coordinate gatherings in a year that has additional stress from concerns about the virus? Perhaps you are making a final push at work, trying to keep the kids entertained, or dreaming of some mornings you can sleep in just a bit! Feeling as frazzled as I look in this week’s picture ( shoutout and thanks to the talented Cat Jensen in our community for the amazing artwork!!) ?

Whatever pre-holiday headspace you are in now, it’s hard to know exactly what the break will bring or if it will live up to whatever expectations we might have in our minds.

No doubt, the holiday will pass quickly, so these next few days are really important for us to prepare to make the most out of Lunar New Year. And we want to help you plan to feel GREAT this holiday season! That is the inspiration behind starting the Lunar Light Up, our 8 Day program full of prerecorded classes, daily dance tip videos, health & mind tips, recipes and more!

Look, we know things won’t always go to plan especially during the holidays. You’ll be overly tired, too full, visiting for longer than expected with someone, pulled into a Netflix series, or who knows what else.

With this program , you don’t HAVE to dance every day ( you don’t even need to be in a country celebrating Lunar New Year!) In fact, we recommend you take days off ( don’t worry~ the video tips will stay available to you even after the program and many songs will be repeated over several classes so you won’t miss out!). We recommend that you take a few minutes to at least read the daily newsletters because we believe the health & mind tips are valuable and will be useful to you all year long.

We can make a plan for success together, make a backup plan for disruptions to the plan, but let’s not find excuses for making any plan at all! Hurry and sign up for your spot in the Lunar Light Up by Friday 12:00pm Taiwan time) to feel better than ever this holiday season!

Keep moving,



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