Lunar Light Up 

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Happy Lunar New Year !
I love this time of year for so many reasons–all of the festivities, feasts, and gatherings of family and friends! Days of reunions, late night mahjong games, a break from regular routines, delicious meals and snacks– these are the things the best memories in life are made of!  And at the same time, I know that any holiday time can sometimes stress us out big time!
So often in the weeks leading up to and the weeks following Lunar New Year, I hear students grumbling about the fear of gaining weight from overindulging, the pressure to present themselves well in the face of family interrogations, or just feeling pretty crappy in general after a week or more of lying around a whole lot.  
  • How can we balance celebrating with resting?
  • Eating our favorite foods with keeping our health in mind?
  • Family time with some moments for ourselves?

This Lunar Light Up! is all about helping you feel energized, active, and glowing —inside and out— the entire week of Lunar New Year!
During this 8 day program,
You will receive:

8 health + Mind Tips

Wanna prepare for the big feasts, get back on track with your eating after huge meals, find time for yourself in between the family gatherings, or healthy recipes that will make you feel great? We’ve got you covered with tons of useful ideas for you to try out each day!

8 Dance Skill Video Tips

Exclusive 5 minute YouTube video lessons for you to practice some of the dance skills I’m most frequently asked about– salsa, body rolls, hip movements and more!

8 Daily Emails

To help keep you connected and motivated all week long!

8  Prerecorded Zumba Classes

Each class is approx. 55-57 mins. of both new and repeating routines that can be taken as many times as you’d like over one day!

Frequently Asked

How can I best use this program?

Lunar Light Up is here to support you in enjoying the celebration and rest of Lunar New Year, as well as to help you transition back to life after the holiday.


We recommend you read the Health + Mind Tips each morning, which can give you some ideas to incorporate into your day.


Listen to your body. If you’re too tired or unable to take the prerecorded class, just take the day off and DO NOT blame yourself.  If your body craves movement, set an alarm to remind you to dance.


Do what works for you. No judgment! This program is here to help you feel good throughout the holiday.

How do I log into my ZinStudio Zumba Class?

You will need a device such as a computer, smart TV, tablet or phone with an internet connection, and an email address to sign in to the class. For more tips on logging into your ZinStudio class see here.

After taking the first class, I decided the program is not for me, how can I get a refund?

Refund requests will only be accepted during the first two days of the program (Jan. 28 & 29th ). Please contact us through email if you were not satisfied with the program and we will refund you the week after Lunar New Year.

Can I still use the course after the course is finished (Feb 5th)?

Each Prerecorded  class is only available for that day from 05:30am to 05:29am (the next day). However, the Dance Skill Video Tips and Health + Mind Tips are yours to keep.

Can I sign up to do only a few days of the Lunar Light Up?

This program is actually designed so that you can miss a few days.


We understand Lunar New Year can be hectic for some days and boring for others. Before you know it, you are back to work tomorrow!! Make sure you read “How can I best use this program?” It'll give you a better idea of how to plan your time.

How do I enter to win the private class with Katie?

All you need to do is to simply comment on the Lunar Light Up facebook post (link found in your daily newsletter) with your answer to the day’s  “Take Action” question.  Each comment will become one raffle ticket (limit one comment / raffle ticket per day).


The private class will be held livestream for those outside of Taipei, or for those in Taipei at a dance studio in the city. You can invite up to 4 other friends to join you in this private class or enjoy it all on your own!

Can I share the classes with my family or friends?

We know many of you will be with family and friends during the holiday, so if you are together in one place, by all means, get everyone in your home dancing together!

We ask that you not share the password to the ZinStudio prerecorded class or the link to your exclusive Dance Skill video tips with others out of respect for all of those who have paid for the program.