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You can’t fit THIS in a box under the tree!

Gift yourself with the present!

What’s on your wishlist this year? Have you been running around like mad preparing for the holidays with shopping or activities? Are you like me, in disbelief that it’s Christmas time and almost the end of the year once again?

No matter what gifts you give or receive, how many holiday parties we’ve got going on, none of it makes much difference if we don’t take the time to savor and enjoy!

And so this week, we are talking about giving ourselves the gift of being present! Sometimes all it takes is one moment to take a deep breath, stop, and remember how precious the current moment is.

When we force ourselves to slow down even for just a minute, we find that time is less likely to feel like it’s slipping by us. We can discover a deeper richness in being alive and more to be grateful for.

Presence is also often the “present” at the top of the wishlists of those closest to us. Our full, undivided attention can be the greatest gift we can give to show how much we really do care. This holiday season, can we put down our phones , turn off the constant murmur of the TV, and tune into those around us? Can we savor the magic of the memories we are creating with those we love?

Let’s make these last weeks of 2021 really count by soaking up every opportunity for fun, food, fitness, family, and friends! Grab a buddy and come pack as much jumping and joy into the holiday season together as we can!

Keep moving!



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