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What really IS Zumba anyway?

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Holiday Events !

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba! You’ve gotten pretty used to hearing that word if you’ve been hanging around here for any length of time! But seriously , if someone asked you to define what Zumba is, what would you say? It’s this wacky, sweaty, Spanish dance done by a cult of people with even wackier bright colored clothing ?!

Well.. not exactly.

Zumba is NOT a kind of dance! Zumba Fitness is a type of group dance 🕺 exercise CLASS and a company itself. So what exactly makes Zumba stand apart from other group exercise classes?

First , a Zumba class centers around music- Latin dance music to be more specific. Every Zumba class across the world- and there’s a lot since it’s the most popular group fitness class on the planet— includes the 4 basic rhythms of merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton. Each class also incorporates a wide range of other world styles from hip hop to Bollywood, from flamenco to EDM, from dancehall to funk. With that much variety, there’s no way you’ll get bored!

Second, moves in a Zumba class are easy to follow! Within each song, you’ll notice basic moves that repeat each time there is a verse, chorus or break. While it might seem confusing during your first class, the repetition of the core Zumba movements and the physical cues from the instructor make each class easier and easier to catch on to — all you have to do is stick with it to see what I mean!

While each instructor has his or her own style, you’ll hear some of the same high energy tracks no matter where on earth you take a Zumba class since instructors receive music and videos with suggestions each month to spice up their playlists. The concept that each class should feel more like a party than a workout also rings true no matter which class you join. And party we sure do, with an interval of fast and slower songs that leave us sweating, smiling, singing, shouting and burning calories between 300-900 an hour. I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of party I can get down with any day of the week :)

So, for those of you reading these blogs every week, but still unsure about this whole Zumba thing~ give it a go! You DON’T need to be a dancer to start, you just need to be a bit patient with yourself and have an interest in a workout that feels more fun than work.

And speaking of FUN, we’ve got lots of events on the horizon for you! Thursday 12/22 12:30pm & Saturday 12/24 11:00am we will celebrate Christmas with costumes and our favorite holiday songs in our classes. On 12/23 myself along with other instructors at WAO will be getting merry with a Yoga & Red Wine (7 -8pm) and Xmas Zumba & Red Wine Party ( 8:20- 9:40pm). Make sure you sign up to save your space at each of these events!

Lastly, we will round off the entire year with a full week of our “Best of 2022” December 26-31 celebrating and dancing to our favorite tracks from this past year. Do NOT miss out on the many chances to finish off 2022 with the fun, healthy, party vibe that will carry you through to the New Year!

Keep dancing!



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