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Sweet Fruits of Labor

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Putting in the effort and savoring the rewards

I rarely get time outside these days with full work and social calendars that take place mostly in the bustling city. It’s easy to get desensitized to the constant construction, crowded streets and noisy traffic.

It was a sweet treat, then, to sneak out of the city this weekend for some camping, exploring the mountains, strawberry picking , and relaxing... well, as relaxing as camping can be for a city girl like me ;) !

Navigating mountain roads and setting up a tent don’t exactly come naturally to me . But as I lay in the sleeping bag while the rain hit the tent outside, I couldn’t think of a cozier or more satisfying way to spend a night’s rest.

Of course. Often the things that take great effort are initially discouraging. Starting a new routine, exercising, or showing up for class all require effort , but it’s exactly because of the effort that we feel so accomplished when we take action or make progress.

The strawberries I picked myself ( even if I didn’t grow them ;) ) seemed tastier than those bought from the store. Similarly, when we get out of our comfort zone and take on a challenge, the fruits of our labor seem even sweeter!

Wishing you a sweet and fulfilling week! Also, if you signed up for our luncheon, remember to bring your scissors for some t-shirt cutting and don’t forget you can still order even more Katie Moves Taipei T-shirts until 11/28!

Keep moving!



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