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Spring Awakening

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Longer days and more ways to energize ourselves !

This week was one of the first times this year that I was able to get out of bed before my alarm went off... that’s how dreary and depleting this past winter felt to me! The welcomed sunlight , sounds of birds, and warmer air all made it easier to gear up for long days with not only a better attitude, but more energy too!

The very short lived spring in Taipei needs to be savored at every opportunity! Before the scorching summer heat leaves us drained and sweat soaked, we can more easily enjoy things like picnics outside , breezy strolls and bearable hikes.

Many students have mentioned they’ve made it to the Yangmingshan for the Calla Lilly Festival that started last week. And in lots of ways, checking in with nature right now reminds us that we are a part of the coming alive tha

t happens all around in Spring. We seek more sun, hydration, activity and growth during this time.

If you are also feeling more reinvigorated, make the most of the extra energy while you have it! Revel in some time outside, take an extra Zumba class or do a favorite activity you missed out on during the winter!

This weekend is a great time to take advantage, as we have a 4 day holiday! Don’t forget that there will be no class on Saturday 4/3 due to the Tomb Sweeping Festival. I’m also wishing a very Happy and Blessed Easter to those celebrating !

Keep moving!



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