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Simply Summer

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Getting those summer vibes during a challenging year

So far, this summer looks like none from the past for many of us. Vacations, social events and international- even interstate- travel has been upended. For a lot of us, even in Taiwan which is almost entirely business as usual, we have a feeling that we’re being deprived of some of our summer fun.

So how to incorporate our favorite parts of the season in spite of the limitations of this year?

Some suggestions for treating our senses to simple summer vibes even when we have to stay closer to home:

  1. Tastes: seasonal summer fruit in your water bottle , a savory barbecued meal, an icy treat

  2. Smells: lathering on coconut oil or sunscreen lotion, lighting a beach scented candle

  3. Touch: walking barefoot in the grass or sand, a cool shower

  4. Sights: waking up early to catch sunrise, slowing down to watch the sunset

  5. Sounds: Zumba music for a hot holiday dance party!

Whether we are limited to our country, state, community or home, we can give our senses the escape our summer selves crave. Have fun, relax, stay cool and well hydrated during this sizzling summer!

Keep moving!



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