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Ready to Start the Lunar Year Off Strong?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Join us as we dance our way into the Year of The Ox

I hope all of you had a wonderful Chinese New Year filled with relaxation, good company and good food! As a final acknowledgment of the changing of the lunar calendar, myself along with my right- hand woman , Anna , celebrated the achievement of surviving the challenges of the past year and the renewal of energy for our company and classes in the year ahead with our 春酒 or Spring party. I want to especially thank her on behalf of myself and all of us, because truly without her help we wouldn’t have been able to continue to hold classes, maintain Zin Studio online class, or keep the newsletter going during the Covid-19 epidemic. Thank you, Anna! We appreciate and love you!!

Back to work here in Taipei, we’ve made it through one of the toughest weeks of the year in my opinion. As I returned from vacation and saw full classes again, I reminded my students that getting back to class ( and work in my case) after the Chinese New Year holiday can be quite a challenge. Many of us, myself included, huffed and puffed our way through the first classes back as our bodies got used to moving after all that resting and feasting!

For all of those who showed up, thanks for joining and for those who still are working up to returning to their exercise routine, we’re here waiting to support you and dance together soon!

Don’t forget you have the chance to really see what you are made of on March 6 with the two hour Beam & Bounce Zumba party that is fast approaching! In this group of teachers, each instructor has their own style that they bring to the dance floor. Take this opportunity to dance with your favorite instructor and experience the wide range of flavors the Zumba community in Taipei has!

Also ,as International Women's Day approaches on March 8th, the Beam & Bounce team would like to celebrate the power, inspiration, and achievements of women everywhere with a special diva themed performance! While the status of women has improved over time and across many cultures, we know all societies can benefit from the commitment to and protection of equal rights for women. We’ll be celebrating fierce females together through our dance in hopes of encouraging more respect towards women and reminding women to love and treasure themselves just as they are! Women deserve to shine! So , let’s Beam & Bounce together! PM me (through Line or Facebook) to reserve your spot now :)

Best of luck to you all as we start this new lunar year. Together we can make it through the ups and downs the Year of the Ox has in store for us!

Keep moving!



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