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Perfection Pressure

What pressures are you feeling this week?

I can’t tell you how many people commented after my newsletter last week, asking me if I was ok, telling me how surprised they were that I had parts of my body I’m also insecure about, or feeling concerned because I shared how I had felt down for a lot of this past year. Others told me how it made them feel less alone in some of their own struggles from this year. It all made me wonder how much pressure do I feel to project an image of perfection in my work or life.

On any given week I see dozens of students where we spend time speaking, listening and sharing in addition to all of our sweating. Dancing and physical activity has that effect— it gets our bodies moving , but it also opens us up to connecting.

As many students come back to regular classes, I’m hearing over and over again about the pressures of perfection so many of us are dealing with.

“ I feel like a terrible parent today. I’m so frustrated and exhausted with the stage my kid is going through.”

“My in-laws are criticizing me constantly for how I do things.”

“My family/ social/ work obligations make it impossible to do things like exercising and eating healthy.”

“ I don’t want to put too much pressure on my child, but they aren’t getting as high of scores as their classmates.”

“My friend lost weight but I’ve gained weight. I feel like I’m failing!”

When people open up to me about how they are feeling, I’m amazed by how much the pressures we put on ourselves and even on others are the same no matter what age, background or circumstances we find ourselves in. We aren’t alone and saying aloud how we feel can seem like a relief, as there’s also an assumption that we should be hiding our imperfections or struggles.

There isn’t one answer or quick fix to dealing with the “perfection pressures” we feel. We can only practice getting more comfortable with who we are by creating more spaces and situations where we can feel judgement -free.

We want our classes to be that space! Your moves, your style, your body is enough just as is. By taking this one hour just for ourselves, we practice being free and letting go. We find more patience, energy, and peace to deal with the pressures that are beyond the walls of our classroom. Way to show up and dance as perfectly imperfect only you can do!

Keep moving



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