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Measuring Moves

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In which ways are you moving?

I talk a lot about moving. After all, it is Katie MOVES Taipei! This week it’s been on my mind even more than usual as I’ve been reflecting on where I am in life at the moment. I’ve been taking inventory of different areas of my life and wondered in which categories I’ve moved forward. Which areas have I feared that I’ve moved backwards in? Have I moved on from things that weren’t working for me in the past? Have I moved in circles in some regards so that it seems as if I never got anywhere at all?

Trying to measure steps only in one direction —forwards, backwards, or in place—will never tell the whole picture of the life we are leading. I could be up two pounds, while being really fulfilled in my relationships with others, while accomplishing a lot at work, while feeling stuck at the same level of chinese, all simultaneously. Looking at any of these in insolation could make me a failure, a success, motivated, or lazy depending on how I feel like viewing myself at that exact moment. But we’re not one dimensional, and our life paths won’t be one directional. With every day and every choice we make or that is beyond our control, we can just hope to see ourselves more fully with greater insight and compassion.

We can allow ourselves to move , to be moved, to just maintain, and strive to accept the ebb and flow of our ever changing movements.

As always, grateful for all the moving you do with me!

Keep moving!



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