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Measurement, Movements, and Motivation

How are you measuring your progress today?

I loved hearing from some of you last week in response to the newsletter about finding our “why” in showing up for class! Feeling like a better, calmer parent, having an outlet for work stress, and spending time just for you were some of the reasons that keep you coming back for more classes week after week!

As we continue to show up on this fitness journey no doubt our purpose and our related goals will shift and fluctuate as we also change. We might not always hit every benchmark, after all, real life happens. However, as we talk about this week for our topic, “There’s more than one way to measure our moves.”

Yes, having clear, measurable goals is no doubt helpful in keeping us on track. “I want to exercise X days a week.” “I want to lift X lbs, and lose X kgs.” These kinds of goals can keep us focused and help us create plans and schedules that are manageable. They can help us form new habits that get us where we want to go.

But personally, when I focus on ONLY one measurement for success, it’s easy to get discouraged when I have off days. Looking at areas such as my energy levels, sleep quality, playfulness, creativity, and relationships often help me recognize even small wins and build confidence for reaching more challenging goals. And when I feel more capable and confident, I’m more likely to recover quickly from those not-so-ideal days.

There is so much more to count—and that does count in life— than just those steps, calories, kilometers, and hours in the gym. Connection, smiles, joy, feeling comfortable in our bodies, celebrating movement and being alive can’t be captured in a simple number. Keeping an eye on these less quantitative factors can set us up for better long term quality of life!

How are you measuring your progress today?

Keep on moving!



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