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Make This A "No Excuses" November!

Feel Great Before the Holidays Start!

Have you ever experienced writer's block? Felt tortured over not being able to figure out the missing piece to some puzzle? Been fixated on a problem with no seeable solution?

"I don't want to get out of bed!"

"I'll work out tomorrow!"

"This weather makes me want to do absolutely NOTHING!"

After weeks of sun and warmth, that fall feeling has finally hit Taipei, making it feel more difficult to rally the energy to complete our regular routines. And yet, this is exactly the time when building our happy and healthy habits can make all the difference for how we handle the holidays and the start of 2024! With a couple weeks before Thanksgiving then the slide into Christmas and Lunar New Year, these "normal" weeks are the opportunity to put into practice and repeatedly reinforce taking time for our wellbeing. If we can overcome some of the roadblocks to following through on our goals now (like this current dark, lazy day outside!), we are more likely to be able to stick to our health goals once the holiday distractions, travels, and feasts begin.

Make This A "No Excuses" November!

“I have no time!”

Setting a schedule is KEY. Book group fitness classes at a fixed time as your nonnegotiable YOU time out of the house or decide in advance when you will complete a home workout and save on commute time.

“I’m too tired!”

Focus on just showing up . Don’t have much energy? Tell yourself you just need to get to class or put on your workout clothes instead of pushing super hard. Once the music starts you’ll likely surprise yourself by what you CAN do and how much more energy you have !

“The weather is too bad!”

Dress comfortably.

Brave the wet, cold weather with warm, cute outerwear or rain boots and get to class. Bring a change of clothes to get out of sweaty clothes ASAP after class!

With so many choices for in-person classes (check our schedule here) and daily On-Demand classes (single or Unlimited Package!) at home, I want to help you make it through November with no excuses for neglecting your wellbeing.

I’m here to keep you moving this month and beyond!



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