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Let’s Celebrate— YOU!

How to Celebrate Your Small Wins in March

If you couldn’t tell from the past month’s weekly newsletters, March has been all about getting clear on goals and the process of following through with them. The purpose of this focus has been to help you feel more supported outside of the class time we dance together. 💕

Particularly for those in our Unlimited On- Demand Zumba Package who have both the freedom and the additional challenge of creating your own class schedule, receiving more knowledge and tips on strong goal-setting can be extremely useful tools. After all, no one ever signed up for a course or gym membership with the intention to waste their time, effort, and money only to feel more behind — but well, all too often we feel just that way!

No matter how much or how little was accomplished during March, there is value in celebrating our small wins! Small wins are any actions we completed that align with our larger goals. They may seem minuscule to you — you drank a glass of water before your morning coffee, you took the stairs instead of the elevator — but looking for and acknowledging these small actions are keys to continuing on with your goals.

Celebrating yourself (when it’s not your birthday) might feel a bit awkward. Truthfully, I’ve never heard longer pauses than when I ask my students to tell me what they are proud of themselves for. But there are great reasons for celebrating our small wins — positive feedback boosts dopamine, intrinsic (self) motivation is reenergized, self confidence grows, and gratitude helps bring enjoyment to the present moment instead of putting it off for the future.

So, HOW can we celebrate our small wins?

Try these tips for celebrating your small wins at the end of the month!

  1. Write it down! Now is the time to ask yourself — what actions, no matter how small, aligned with me goal? Did I move joyfully once a week? Once a month? Be specific about what you DID ado.

  2. Treat yourself (well). Humans are wired to seek rewards. In celebration of whatever success you had, gift yourself with something meaningful to you~ some alone time, a movie night or a special meal.

  3. Share your success with others. Sometimes we resist sharing our successes with others to avoid sounding too proud, or to avoid jealousy and competition with others. Normalize speaking highly of your accomplishments— it can build connection and inspire others! Bonus tip— share your small wins with us in our Private Facebook Group now!

  4. Give thanks. There are likely others who helped you as you worked towards your goals this month. Perhaps a friend joined you in coming to class or a parent watched your kids while you danced. Take a moment to express your gratitude not only to yourself but to those who are supporting you on your wellness journey!

I’m so very PROUD to have moved with you throughout another great month. Whether you danced in person, online or just moved your heart and mind by reading these newsletters, you deserve to celebrate yourself and your small wins!

Don’t forget I want to keep moving with you in April too! My Unlimited On Demand Zumba Class Package will be back next month as well as our regular schedule of in person classes. Here’s to another month of joyful movement ahead!

Keep moving,


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