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Leader of Your Own Life

Are you taking charge?

This week a Facebook memory popped up of a podcast I was invited to be a guest on three years ago by Chris Hubbard, titled “From Here to Over There.” During the podcast I spoke about how a big shift I have felt in my adult life is going from the role of follower to leader. Quite literally I went from being a student in a Zumba class to an instructor on stage leading participants. Now, revisiting this old podcast made me think of what it means to be the leader of my own life.

When you think about what makes a great leader, what qualities do you think of? Often, you imagine someone who is willing to put in hard work, rather than take the easy way out. You think of someone who searches for knowledge and growth, can inspire action and take on challenges, someone who cares for and collaborates well with others.

Let’s apply these same ideas to our own lives! While work, family, and relationships bring many, many responsibilities, there are often even small areas you can focus on being a great leader in your own life. Speak to yourself with a compassionate and supportive tone, resist cutting corners when it comes to the things you care about, try not to let roadblocks or failures derail your purpose, search for more self-understanding, and be willing to accept and give help to achieve goals.

When I approach my daily thoughts and actions with curiosity, commitment, courage, and confidence, I feel I am being the leader of my own life. An imperfect and flawed leader like all leaders, yes, but showing up day after day because no one else can do it for me.

How and where will you lead yourself today? I’m here rooting you on!!



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