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Kick the Comparisons

Cut THIS Out + Feel More Confident!

"Did you see how she looks in that bikini?!"

"Their summer vacation looks SO perfect!"

"I would never dare to wear what she has on in public!"

You've likely heard the saying, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Let's take it one step further and add, "Comparison is the confidence killer."

We've all been there-- scrolling with envy on social media, looking in the mirror and missing the younger reflection we used to see, even feeling relief when we aren't the LEAST successful, healthy, coordinated or thin person in the room. But comparing ourselves to others, even to past versions or "dream" versions of ourselves, keeps us on a never-ending roller coaster of self-doubt. 

To grow true confidence we need to believe in our abilities and feel peace in our own choices as if the mirror, the scale, the person next to you, the side by side before and after photos, your entire social media feed, ALL of them were to disappear.

Next time you hear those comparative thoughts coming in, cut them out and replace them with confidence-building self-talk!

❌ Her body is amazing! I need to find out her secret!

⭐️  I want to keep working to find the best way for ME to nourish, move and care for my body FOR LIFE.

❌ I can't stand looking at my jiggly tummy, thighs, underarms , booty etc. in class.

⭐️I love how the music and movement make me FEEL energetic, silly, happy etc. in class!

❌ I have two-left feet and need to hide in the back of the classroom!

⭐️I'm so proud of myself for dancing today and  grateful that my body is able to move in so many ways! 

Want to keep building your confidence each time you hit the dance floor? Simply show up and be YOU! Can't make it to class? I always have you covered with online classes-- and this month is the perfect time to give it a go with the extra instruction and basic moves in my "Confi-DANCE Cure" mini class that you can take on repeat until you master the moves!

Here's to standing tall and dancing proud in the week ahead!



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