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Keep Moving!

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Dear students,

What a week! For all of us in Taiwan, I know it’s been an especially stressful time as we try to keep up with the newest COVID-19 developments and procedures while making adjustments to our daily lives. The anxieties we feel are often exacerbated by the loss of our healthy habits-- less time outside, less time exercising, more time in front of screens and sitting on the couch. Personally, I know I have felt overwhelmed and unlike myself as I have been teaching maybe 1 virtual class a day but spending nearly all my time working out tech issues and trying to formulate alternative arrangements for how to keep myself and my students motivated. So while it’s been hard to feel very accomplished, the tireless work and support from my right hand woman, Anna, and the students who have shown commitment to continue to dance, has made it possible for us to have 2 Zoom classes already with more on the horizon!

In addition to adding more Zoom classes this Saturday and next week, I have been working to put together another Zin Studio Pre-recorded class that will be available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the time being. For those of you unable to join a live stream class I hope this gives you an opportunity to dance at a time that is convenient for you!

During this time my top priority is in helping us all keep up our health and happiness in the face of uncertainty and stress. I hope you will join me in staying strong, positive, and healthy. Together we can keep moving!



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