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Healthy Plate for a Healthy Planet

Want to Eat for the Earth?

If you've been in Taiwan this week, you will have had no problem remembering this year's Earth Day celebration. What feels like constant swaying and shaking from moderate and minor earthquakes day and night has served as a (dizzying) reminder about the power and fragility of our planet.

We much prefer shaking our booties on the dance floor to being awakened by shaking buildings, thank you very much!

While there are tons of ways to make environmentally-friendly choices such as using public transportation or limiting our energy consumption, perhaps no decisions are more impactful than those having to do with what we put on our plates!

As someone who has been SERIOUSLY obsessed with meal prep over the past year, I can attest to the fact that with just minimal effort and a little planning, it's feasible to make food choices that support a healthy body and a healthy Earth! Check out some of my tips below!

  1. Local Market Magic! Whenever possible, head to your local market instead of the grocery store. Chances are you can hand pick your produce to avoid overbuying and  having everything wrapped in plastic. Locally sourced produce creates less pollution and has a lower carbon footprint. 

Tip- Keep a reusable grocery bag in your purse or backpack at all times! 

  1. Embrace Meal Prep!- I can't shut up about it, I know.  Since I started weekly meal prep my waste has been cut big time. The amount of scary, uneaten food rotting at the back of the fridge has gone WAY down and takeout packaging has been greatly reduced.

Tip- Start small with preparing a few days worth of a protein of your choice, a grain, and chopped veggies for salads, stir fries or snacking. Refrigerate in reusable containers and say bye to single-use plastic.

  1. Plant-based Protein Power! It's no secret that the overconsumption of meat impacts the environment in ways ranging from deforestation to air and water pollution, and so on. Plant based proteins like beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, seeds and more are packed with nutrients, are heart-healthy, and contain more fiber to keep you feeling full longer. Win win!

Tip- Ditch meat for just one meal and hit your local market for dried legumes and pulses- convenient and affordable sources of plant-based proteins you can buy in bulk! In the same time you would defrost meat from the freezer you can soak your dried goods for quicker cooking. 

Seem daunting? I used to think so too! But like with all health habits, small consistent and realistic actions make for big impacts in the long run!

What can you do for the wellbeing of the planet and yourself this week?

Keep moving!



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