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Keep Connecting!

Student spotlight:

Candy Chen

How connected are you feeling today? Often the first thing that comes to mind with being connected these days is technology and how readily people can reach us. With it, there are no doubt many negative feelings that arise: constantly seeing the suffering happening everywhere around the world; comparing ourselves to what we might think everyone has or does on social media. We often need to disconnect with our virtual world and connect with ourselves or those in our real life most. And yet, this weekend I was especially reminded of the upsides of connecting virtually with our Katie Moves Taipei Fourth Anniversary Online Party.

On Sunday, we were able to bring together students from Taiwan, the US, Vietnam, Australia, and China to get down for a good cause! By partying it up we were able to raise 12,000nt for the Artistic Swimming Association of Taiwan which builds teams of young athletes including those with special disabilities. I was truly blown away by the generosity and love in our community!

One of the best parts about connecting virtually has been able to meet new students from all over the world! This week I’m so excited to bring back another Student Spotlight with Candy Chen. While Candy and I have never met in person, seeing her familiar face week after week, recognizing her kids dancing in the background or meeting her sister and friend that also join virtually, has been a true highlight of our online classes! Check out her story below!

Hi everyone! My name is Candy. I live in Sydney, Australia. I am a housewife. Other than taking care of the kids and our house, working out is also a big part of my life. I like both indoor and outdoor exercises. With the lovely weather and beautiful outdoors in Sydney, I often take my kids hiking and riding bikes on the weekends. I go to the gym 2 - 3 times a week. Zumba is also one of my favorite workouts.
I've danced with many instructors, including instructors from Australia, China, Singapore, and Brazil. Every instructor has their own teaching style. However, one of the instructors really caught my attention. Four years ago, I saw 小S dancing with a Zumba instructor on Instagram and I was blown away. I soon realized that the instructor is Katie. I really like her style, so I started following her on Instagram like a true fan, and watch the Zumba videos she's shared from time to time.
When COVID hit the world, the Australian government implemented a lockdown for almost 6 months. I felt like I was grounded and I couldn't go anywhere. I truly believe I was mentally and physically ill from staying home for so long.
When I discovered Teacher Katie opened up livestream classes, I signed up immediately. Dancing with Katie online really helped me release the stress and powerlessness of the lockdown. I remember the anticipation and excitement I had before her class and the satisfaction of sweating, joy, and sore muscles afterwards.
Now everyone starts going back to normal life. I am also back to the gym, but every Tuesday afternoon I still take Katie's livestream class. It's already become part of my routine. I'm so used to dancing with Katie even though I haven't met her in person. Even only through the TV screen, I can still receive the passion of her teaching and the fullness of her positive energy. I'd love to use this opportunity to thank Katie for accompanying me through one of the hardest times in my life. Looking forward to dancing with you in person when I'm back in Taiwan!

Thanks so much to Candy for your kind words and for sharing your story with us! Can’t wait to dance in person with our virtual students someday!!

Why not ask yourself how you can bring an extra dose of connection to your day?! Whether it’s to turn off the TV and connect with your loved ones or to take some time to connect to yourself and your body, we all need times of pushing away distractions and focusing on those we value most (including ourselves!)

Love to keep connecting with you!



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