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Energy Begets Energy 能量生能量

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

What gives you a boost?

“Energy begets energy.” Thanks, Dolly Parton. Can’t say I’m much of a country music fan, but this quote supposedly attributed to Dolly hits the nail on the head for me. I’m often asked where I get the energy to teach so many classes every day. To be honest, it isn’t always easy in the least. A cup of coffee or a touch of bright lipstick can help trick me into thinking I’m ready to hit the dance floor. Certainly, the gorgeous weather we’ve been experiencing at the moment in Taipei ( an Autumn Tiger in December!) helps to make it easier to get out of bed each morning.

But the thing that really gives me energy, is simply, just using it.  Once the music drops and the movements start, I’m almost always surprised by the way my body and mind start to wake up. In truth, on a day I have to teach three back to back hours of dance classes, I generally feel way better than an afternoon of sitting on the couch.

This week, I’m sharing the song, “Energia” on my YouTube channel. It’s a song I use at the beginning of Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Class during the warm-up, and energy is exactly what this tune gives to me. Listening to an upbeat song, chatting with an optimistic friend, taking care of our bodies or even just smiling at a stranger can help bring our attention to the vibrancy of life and help us face even the grayest of days with more vivacity.

What are some of your favorite things to do, tricks to keep you pushing through, or music to listen to which bring yourself more energy? I’d love to hear from you! Whatever they are, hope they keep you moving along with me!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


「能量帶來能量。」謝謝桃莉芭頓(Dolly Parton),我不敢說我是鄉村音樂迷,但是我真的覺得她說的這句話十分中肯。我常常被問到:「每天可以教這麼多堂課,妳的精力從哪裡來呢?」老實說這有時候也不是一件簡單的事,用一杯咖啡或是一抹鮮豔的口紅,可以讓我快速地告訴我的頭腦:『我準備好要踏入舞池開始上課了。』當然,最近我們在台北感受到的好天氣(12月的秋老虎)讓我可以每天輕鬆早起。但是最讓我有動力的,是我實際在運用我的能量的時候,每每音樂響起時,我常常很驚訝地發現到我的身心靈迅速地從待機模式中甦醒。事實上,有一天我一連上了三小時的課,那時的感受與狀態比一整個下午窩在沙發上好 太 多 了 !

這周在我的 Youtube 頻道上分享 Energia(葡萄牙文:動力) 這首歌,這是在舞麗自信 (Fit + Flaunt Burlesque) 的課程一開始我常用來暖身的歌曲,這首歌的旋律真的帶給我滿滿的 Energia。聽一首輕快鼓舞的歌、和一個正面朋友的談話、善待我們的身體、或是對一個陌生人微笑,這些都可以幫我們把關注放在生活的活力之中,並藉由這些美好的能量幫我們度過最灰暗的日子。

你最喜歡的做什麼事或是聽哪些的音樂來為自己帶來更多的能量呢?我很想聽聽看你的想法。不論它們是什麼,希望它們能幫助你繼續前進 😉


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯)

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