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Don’t know how to start? We got you!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Lunar Light Up 2023 is coming!!

Happy New Year!!

Ok, I know not much REALLY changes when the clock strikes midnight, yet I still feel a sense of freshness and possibility with the start of a new year. What will my life look like in this next year? How will my circumstances and I grow or transform over the next 12 months?

I spent the first day of 2023 reviewing my 2022 reflections ( if you haven’t done them yet, see here—it’s not too late!), going for a quiet walk alone, then writing myself a letter about what I wish for myself this year to read at the end of 2023 ( and also napped and laid on the couch a bunch too!). All of these small practices left me feeling peaceful, calm, and clear to step into the year.

Fast forward to my first class back after the long weekend of indulging and partying to me drenched in sweat, huffing and puffing, realizing the reality of the hard WORK and EFFORT required to move forward. No doubt, getting started after a long weekend, a week of holiday, months of no exercise during the pandemic, or years of a sedentary lifestyle is no walk in the park. Getting started is often the hardest part in fact!

When we start something new such as a fitness routine we have all sorts of real barriers to creating change in our lives. We may disappoint friends and family if we miss a happy hour hangout in favor of a fitness class, have to give up buying new purse to invest in a gym membership, or need to wake up 45 minutes earlier just to take a quick online class. Psychologically , we may fear failing, feel too overwhelmed to know where to begin or even fear succeeding — because we hold beliefs about ourselves such as “I’m not a fitness person” , “I’m too lazy”, or “I’m never motivated enough.”

So how can you start to get moving this year?

We’ve got you! Lunar Light Up 2023 is coming again 🎉🎉 and this time we are giving you even more flexibility and support so that no matter what your level is or how much time you have, you can work towards your new year fitness goals along with us!

Jan 21-28 join us for our Lunar Light Up 2023 with 8 days of :

  • 8 daily newsletters

  • 8 daily health + mind tips

  • *NEW*8 prerecorded classes to mix and match everyday :

    • 4 30 min Cardio classes :

      • Slow + Savor

      • Fast Calorie Blast

      • Powerful Me

      • Celebrate + Feel Great

    • 4 15 min Target + Tone classes :

      • Hot Hips + Abs

      • Lower Body Burn

      • Awesome Arms

      • Beautiful Balance

  • *NEW* Dance Song breakdown videos great for beginners!

  • *NEW* Private FaceBook Support Group

  • AND a chance to win a private class in person or online with me!

All for 1000nt/ $35 USD!

Take your first small step in getting started this year by learning more here 👈!

Can’t wait to keep moving with you through Lunar New Year and beyond!



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