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COVID-19 Update for Classes

Be sure to read this important announcement !

Dear students,

As always, your health, happiness, and well-being are of the utmost importance to our community!

Due to an increase in the number of local COVID-19 transmission cases in Taiwan, we all need to do our part to stay safe during this time.

First, please note that as a result of the ban on large group gatherings, we will be postponing the Beam & Bounce party on June 26th to a later date . Stay tuned for news about rescheduling.

For the time being, while we are still in stage 2 of precautions please be aware of the following guidelines for in person classes:

❗️Class enrollment will be limited during the next several weeks as the situation is monitored.

❗️Please wear your mask before and after class, spray your hands with alcohol and have your temperature taken.

❗️If you would like to join in a class photo at the end of class, please wear your mask.

❗️Before attending class make sure you are up to date with the latest CDC guidelines and recommendations.

❗️If you feel unwell, please do not attend class.

❗️If you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe joining a group class at this time, notify us and your class punchcard will be extended.

❗️If you choose to wear a mask while you dance, please take more water breaks and rest should you become uncomfortable or feel out of breath.

❤️We respect each student’s decisions in regards to protecting their health as well as the dance studios’ decisions to allow us to hold classes in their space during this time.

With the help of TDC and FD, it’s our goal to maintain a safe, welcoming and respectful environment so that classes can be held when possible.

❗️❗️Class on 5/13 at TDC will be canceled, and as we receive more news from the government we will determine if there is enough interest to dance in person throughout the rest of May. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for live streamed classes and more Zin Studio classes to come!

❤️❤️Thanks so much for working with us and supporting one another during these trying times! We look forward to coming out of this stronger, together in the future! 💪

Please take care of your body, heart, and mind no matter whether you are attending classes or not. Can’t wait to dance with you again soon!

Keep moving!



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