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Building our Happy Habit Together!

Commitment, Consistency,

& Community

Classes are back, fall and winter holidays are on the horizon, and our schedules sure look a whole lot fuller these days than they have been in quite some time!

With more to do, I know it might sound crazy, but I’ve found it helpful to put even more into my day — and by more I mean creating some new routines to develop health-filled and happy habits! Little things like ten minutes of stretching , deep breathing breaks and journaling sessions are adding more value to my days and also helping me manage my work/life balance much better!

Commitment, consistency and community are crucial for building new habits. We have to be clear on the “why” behind our desire for change, be prepared consistently carving out time to practice our routines over and over , and seek support in finding inspiration when we falter and in celebrating our successes.

Want to keep practicing your fitness routine and turn it into a can’t beat missed habit?

We’ve got you covered!

Commitment- Identify your “why” for wanting to workout and come to class!

Consistency- Plan out how many classes you want to join per week in advance! You’ve got the entire month of November’s schedule below with so many mix and match options for classes!

Community- We’re here to support you and help you practice making coming to class a real habit! You are a valued part of our community—we see how hard you work, we miss you when you don’t make it to class, and we will continue to build a welcoming and encouraging community for all!

Besides your dance fitness habit , what other habits are you working on? What keeps you adding dance fitness classes and these newsletters into your routine each week? How can we make it even easier for you to keep going with your healthy, happy habits? As always, drop us a line and let us hear from you!

Keep moving!



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