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Be Brave like a Beginner!

When was the last time you tried something new?

In recent weeks we’ve had lots of newcomers in classes online and in-person, so I want to give a warm welcome to the newbies in our community! For those who are total beginners to exercise and dance fitness, you really rock!

Being a beginner at anything is an exercise unto itself. We might feel anxious, self-conscious, or overwhelmed when we set out to try something new.

Being a beginner takes bravery!

So often we hear the message that we need to excel in all we do, or that we should hone our skills so that we become the best in one area of expertise in order to succeed. But trying something new, even something we are not naturally gifted at, can often allow us to learn and grown in even more profound ways than we might if we were doing something familiar. We can be humbled and vulnerable, we can discover more about what we are made of and what we like. We can grow our confidence knowing we did something not because it was easy, but because it took effort. Beginners can also focus on the joy of just simply doing, rather than being attached to results or expectations, as often happens when we work on the same old skills again and again.

If outside of our comfort zone is where the magic supposedly happens , then searching out things to be a beginner at is the path to the prize of self knowledge, self exploration, and self growth!

All of us were brave enough to lace up our shoes one day and follow along to that very first song. What was once intimidating often becomes like second nature.

Even now, how can you bring the beginner’s outlook of attitude over ability to something you do this week?

Keep moving!



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