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You did it!

Celebrate your wins 👑

You did it!

“Did what?!” you may ask. Well, you made it through another year!

2021 is just about ready to wrap up and many people( myself included!) are happy to see another challenging year behind us! Lockdowns, canceled events and travel, and lots of uncertainty continued to weigh on people all over the world. And in spite of all of it, each one of us had areas in which we learned, grew, succeeded, or persevered.

This week before you start to think about 2022 and the new goals you have for yourself, take time to give yourself credit for the wins, big or small, that you had during 2021.

Did you try something new?

Did you share any of your time or talents with others?

Did you make it to class even once during the past year ?

In a time when so many of our daily activities have been impacted by COVID, even getting out of bed on a difficult day sometimes felt like a major success!

Through acknowledging at least a few areas or aspects we are proud of, we can learn more about ourselves, what works for us and expand on our successes in the following year.

You kept going and kept moving all the way to the end of 2021– YOU ARE AMAZING!

From both myself and Anna, we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year ! More opportunities for shared fun, fitness and growth await us together. We can’t wait to keep moving with you all throughout 2022!



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