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Whistle While You Wait 等待的片刻,不妨吹個口哨吧!

Getting through periods of waiting

Anyone who has ever seen “Snow White” is familiar with the song, “Whistle While You Work.” The song refers to getting through difficult or unpleasant projects with a bit of fun and playful distraction. I can attest to the power of “The Clean Up Song” (Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, Everywhere!..”) in inspiring a whole room of preschoolers to put away their toys, and I frequently stop halfway through household chores for a dance party break. These days my job is literally “the business of fun” as the Zumba company often says its instructors, so there is no lack of experiencing good times during my on-the-clock hours.

Lately, however, it seems like waiting has been a common theme for myself and others. Waiting for news, waiting for things to return to normal since the coronavirus, waiting to be able to travel and see loved ones, just waiting to see.. what will happen. With how quickly I move each day and how instantly so many of my desires to know, to see, and to have, are met each day, it’s more difficult to wait as happily as I am to work happily..

Whereas when times get tough we often surprise ourselves by what we are capable of, when time just feels like it is suspended for an unknown period, it’s hard to know what to do with ourselves (cue anxiety and panic).

“Whistling while I wait” is one way I can try to approach this period of uncertainty. For me, “whistling” might look like cooking meals for friends, making more effort to connect via video calls with my loved ones, doing activities I was too busy to do before, and just generally creating opportunities for fun and joy.

I’m super fortunate to be able to have an amazing support system, dance, and all of you to remind me that life needs to be celebrated now. So, I can and will wait (sometimes happily, sometimes not so much!) to see you all again in class or otherwise soon!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


如果你有看過白雪公主,你對這首歌「Whistle While You Work」(工作時吹口哨)應該不陌生。這首歌特別指在渡過艱難或不愉快的挑戰時,找些有趣的事情來分散你的注意力。「The Clean Up Song」(收拾歌)就是一個絕佳的證明。『打掃!打掃!每個人和每個地方......』,這樣能激勵幼稚園生把他們的玩具歸位。我自己也常常在打掃到一半,就來個舞蹈派對休息一下。尤其是最近,我的工作名副其實就是「玩樂的事業」,這是也 Zumba 公司常常和我們指導員提到的,所以在我的上班時間,是不乏樂趣的。






愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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