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“What did you say?!”

How we talk to ourselves matters.

“What was I thinking?” “ How could I make such a stupid mistake?!” What’s wrong with me?!” “I should have known better.” “ I look terrible!” “I’ll never be able to do X!”

Can we be harsh when we talk to ourselves or what?!

Typically, we have thousands of thoughts everyday, so many that it’s hard to even know what we were thinking about five minutes ago, much less slow down in the moment and pay attention to the voice in our head.

During a particularly busy and stressful time in my life I recall a moment I was standing in the shower, still for the first time all day, and I actually blurt out loud: “ Why are you killing yourself?!” Ok, way to be dramatic, self-talk!😅😬

When I actually heard myself speak out loud, I realized I had been saying this sentence to myself over and over again, almost unaware, for weeks. It was the background soundtrack that was judging every action as not good enough and making every daily task feel like an overwhelming chore.

Finally speaking it out loud, was a mini-wake-up call. It was true I needed more rest, more balance and recovery time, but I had let this exasperated voice cloud my ability to see the positive things I was doing for myself. Ridiculing and shaming myself into better self-care was counterintuitive and proving useless. Stopping to literally listen to myself made it easier for me to see: OK, I do need to take a day off each week; I am letting how I feel about one aspect of my life overshadow the good things I have and do. Who knew talking aloud to yourself could actually be a good thing ?! 🤣

When was the last time you stopped to hear the words you are speaking to and about yourself? Are these thoughts even yours or are they just you repeating what you’ve heard from your family, outsiders, or the media about what you are supposed to look like, have, or be in order to be “good enough?” Can you determine if your self talk is lifting you up or tearing yourself down?

Today, wishing you a moment to listen to your thoughts with curiosity and compassion, and to learn something about who you are and what you desire deep down!

🎉ALSO, stay tuned on our social media for an event announcement coming at the end of the week in celebration of the upcoming Katie Moves Taipei 4th Anniversary! With how challenging this past year has been, we want to thank all of you who have stuck with us, acknowledge your support, and pay forward the joy and good vibes in our community to others! Can’t wait to party with you!



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