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Tips for Not Fallin’ into an Autumn Slump!

Help to Keep Your Energy Up!

Soaking wet from the non-stop rain in Taipei 😂💦


November?! No way! Really can’t believe we are nearing the end of 2022 already 😵‍💫!

With our Halloween parties behind us ( a big thank you to all who came and dressed up !) , truthfully this is the time of year that I tend to begin to slide into an autumn health slump. The weather isn’t so great, holiday parties are around the corner, I’m content to stay on the couch under blankets instead of picking up the dumbbells, and really all too happy to have just one more slice of pizza, piece of chocolate or bottle of wine! 🤣😅 Can you relate?!

I know that my body moves in rhythms with the seasons- energy and appetites are easily affected by the weather and the kinds of activities and meals this season brings, from hot pot feasts to game day appetizers. I’m not one to seriously restrict myself or sit out on the fun, but I’m aiming to keep my energy levels up this autumn with some tips that you might find useful as well!

  • Stay hydrated by drinking warm water and soups!

  • Eat more colorful and nutrient packed fall fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin, apples and squashes.

  • Head to bed 30 minutes earlier.

  • Look for healthier substitutes in your richer, comfort food recipes.

  • Find a fitness friend— help each other stick to your goals by joining one exercise class or going for one walk together per week.

Think any of these tips sound doable for you? With the many in-person, livestream and prerecorded classes we offer, we’re here to help keep you moving through the autumn and beyond!



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