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Take the Spotlight!

Are you ready to shine? 🌟

If you were asked to get up on a stage in front of others to speak about something—to teach, sing, dance or even just stand quietly—how would you feel? Excited? Nervous? For a lot of us, it’s hard to imagine anything quite so terrifying!

Believe it or not, a good portion of my life I’ve dreaded having all eyes on me. I can remember sleepless nights before school presentations, or praying some catastrophic event would prevent an upcoming dance recital or basketball game ( no, I never got my wish ). Sometimes still now, I have moments where my heart races, palms get sweaty, my face turns bright red, and I feel sick to my stomach before an event.

We all have parts of ourselves that we’d rather hide away from the eyes of others. We may feel not good enough or like an imposter at times. And still, each of us has unique gifts, skills, and attributes we can shine a light on and share with the world.

Over time and with LOTS of practice, trial and error, my love for dance and my desire to share my passion with others helped me overcome some of my shyness and propensity for embarrassment. And now , stepping into the spotlight or onto the stage isn’t so much about being the star of the room myself, but in helping my students remember they can be a star in the class and in their own lives.

What can you celebrate showing off in class and in life this week? Your moves, your kindness, attitude, strength, smile, silliness, focus or more?

Our classes are a place for you to shine!

💚❤️Speaking of which, don’t forget, we will be celebrating Christmas with a red, green, or white dress code for all of my classes 12/18-12/23! Come, bring a friend, and get festive with us! ❤️💚

See you on the dance floor, star!



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