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Strong Enough to Be Soft

& Classes back on this week!

服飾 Outfit by AM ME Sporty


All summer I feel like I’ve been saying “I’m back!” Back after my knee injury, back after my US trip, back to a regular fall schedule, and now back after having COVID. Here’s hoping things STAY back 🤞😜

“Strong enough to be soft” is the third part of my quote as AM ME Sporty’s September Women’s Power spokeswoman that I want to share with you. “Strong enough to be soft” is an attitude I walk on to the dance floor with each class, and is also a motivation for why I created Fit + Flaunt. It means to accept and even embrace the parts of ourselves we feel ashamed or insecure to show.

As a young girl who struggled with being shy and sensitive, I can think of many times when my worries over my imperfections held me back from doing some intimidating thing, wearing that bathing suit or taking some chances. I would much rather hide away or mask my weaknesses.

As I’ve grown and especially as dance has transformed so much of my life, I’ve come to realize just how much strength is required to be willing to get to know and be yourself, imperfections and all. To practice acceptance over endless criticism, to drop the facades that we use to protect ourselves from our own judgements and those of others— these are massive, worthwhile and character-building challenges for so many of us.

This week as I’m still working to get back to 100% after having COVID, this idea still rings true. To be patient and gentle, admit I need more rest, and to be accepting of just where I am now— I have to remember it isn't a weakness, but rather, an opportunity for resiliency.

At times in dance, it’s the slowest, softest moves that can stir the most emotion and create the biggest impact on the dancer and the audience.

So too can the imperfect moments in life and our own vulnerabilities give way to greater richness, depth, and strength than we had ever imagined.

You, your softness, imperfections and all are what makes our community so strong!



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