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Soaking Up the Present

In Appreciation of Rainy Days

This morning I was surprised to be woken by the beautiful sound of the falling rain. I snuggled deeper into my bed soaking up the echoes of drips and drops as they landed on my balcony awning. In the midst of the worst drought in half a century, to say rain is welcome in Taiwan is an understatement. And as I lay there thinking of what was to come today, the classes I’d teach and the newsletter I’d write, I recalled the miserably bleak December of last year when I wrote complaining about the lack of sunshine. What a difference a few months makes ( ...and uhh ..yet, complaining about the weather seems to be a constant 🤣) ! The exact same situation, a rainy day in this case, can elicit such different reactions or emotions for us at different times, — seeming to be a blessing or a curse at ever changing moments. In many areas of our life we can feel like there is this same feast and famine mentality— too much of this for our liking right now , not enough of that. Craving for one thing until we are sick of it. We may under-appreciate what is right in front of us and not value what we have until it’s scarce once again. For all the things happening around us and beyond our control, we can take some time to enjoy the present , the sensation of the rain as it falls on our face so to say, and know that our feelings on many things are as impermanent as the changing weather. When conditions change, our perspectives often do as well. Hope you find a moment to celebrate the present today whatever you do, get lost in a song, dance in the rain or stay cozy in your bed!

Keep moving!



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1 comentário

Stew Glen
Stew Glen
29 de abr. de 2021

Beautifully written. One of your best.

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