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Set Up for Summer Success!

Are you starting to sizzle yet?

Happy Dragonboat Festival and Memorial Day! The summer has unofficially kicked off and I’ve got the constant glow ( AKA sweat! ) to prove it!

With long weekends, vacations and other summer fun on the horizon, we are entering the season where it’s really hard to stick to a regular schedule! Having heard so much talk since New Years about getting “summer beach body ready,” for a lot of us, summer can throw things off track with the piña coladas, barbecues, ice creams and skipping of our normal workout routines.

Instead of trying to skimp on the fun, let’s focus on how we want to feel this summer!

At the top of my list— fresh, energized, relaxed, and grateful!

With these desired feelings in mind, I can create a summer schedule that works for me:

  • Meal prep at least one large salad a week so I can get extra veggies from the fridge anytime between those barbecues and ice cream cones.

  • Walk or ride my bike to class more often so I can enjoy moments of nice weather.

  • Workout and stretch with a friend once a week to keep a habit of socializing while exercising.

  • Drink and eat more water by slicing lemons for my glasses of water and eating tons of water-packed fruits like watermelon and pineapple.

How do you want to feel this summer? What are some simple steps you can make to set your summer schedule up for success?

With our many in-person, livestream, and on-demand class options, we are here to help you keep dancing as a part of your feel-good summer routine, no matter where you are traveling or how much free time you have!

Cheers to a wonderful summer ahead!



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