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“See You Soon” to Some Special Students

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

... and a new instructor announcement!

If you’ve been reading my newsletters for awhile, you know that a lot of my content revolves around working towards finding balance in life: allowing time for work and rest, embracing strength and softness, giving and also receiving, social time and enough moments of solitude, saying yes and saying no.

While it’s always great to give myself reminders about balance, it’s quite a different thing to take action on it. Which leads to me sharing a bit of news that some of you already may have heard. This Thursday will be my final class teaching at Guting True Fitness. As any of you who have danced with me there know, it was quite an emotional and difficult decision as this is one of my longest running and liveliest of classes.

When I first started as an inexperienced instructor, I was extremely nervous to dance in front of a class of often more than 50 students. This group truly taught me how to become the instructor that I am today, and for that I could not be more grateful. Some of the highlights over the years were having visiting DJs from Shakaboom perform as we danced, inviting ZES Richard Gormley and other visiting instructors from abroad to join us, having the class filmed for a TV segment, as well as dancing with my Mom on stage! Still, simply every single class captured the true feeling of Zumba— a dance fitness PARTY where everyone was welcome. And deeply touching is the knowledge that several of the Guting students have gone on to become amazing instructors and spread Zumba love to their own classes.

As I create more time in my schedule to pursue other interests, I’m reassured by the knowledge that our classmate and fellow instructor 0416 will take over as the new Zumba teacher of this class. I have no doubt the class will continue to dance happily and spread more joy along with him!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and encouragement over the years. I’m still teaching many group classes around Taipei and look forward to seeing you on other dance floors in the future!

Keep moving!



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