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Recharge Review

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Powering ourselves up

from turning things down

I’ve had a little more time on my own lately. With a roommate-less home once again and a few class cancellations here and there, I’ve had some space to review the ways I recharge myself when the craziness of my normal days lets up a bit. Normally when I find a break in my schedule I get bogged down with deciding how to use it and before I know it, it’s time to get back to work.

Lately, when I’m at a loss for what to do with myself, I try to shift the focus from choosing what the right thing to actually do is, and instead think about what I desire to get from my time. For example, I might have high hopes of getting outside for a night jog, but when I look a little deeper, I can see what I’m really craving is technology free time with fresh air. I want to cook an impressive meal, but what I really want is to show myself some self-love and get lost in the meditation of cooking. I want to go out to a particular social event, but I really just need to connect and laugh until my face hurts. Reviewing what the recharge might gift me rather than what actions I have to take, somehow helps me follow through and more often get what I really need from my down time. It’s as if I power myself up as a result of powering down more effectively.

For so many of our community, dance is the way we recharge. On any particular day the reasons for skipping class may be many, but likewise the things we might need to get from class may be varied or a combination of factors. Some days I’m re-energized by losing myself in the music, other times I’m revitalized by celebrating my body, or reconnected to others through our joyful cheers. With the summer here and more free time for many of us, I’m wishing you deeply satisfying and fulfilling chances to recharge! Don’t forget to keep dancing along with us from home with the online class all summer long!

Keep moving!



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