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Ready to Role Model?

Lunar New Year Lessons for Little Ones

This week I’m back in the classroom and my students are a whole lot tinier and more rambunctious than they have been in a while! 

All week I’m instructing a group of incredibly talented little ones at Sense Music Taiwan’s International Winter Music Camp! I really have missed the smiles, the sweetness, and the fun of being around so many kids as I’ve focused on mostly teaching adults in recent years. I’m also reminded of just what sponges children are when picking up new knowledge, skills, dance routines and language so quickly! 

If you are a parent, these next few weeks of Lunar New Year winter vacation will likely be quite busy with coordinating play dates, running to and from classes, or just keeping the kids from complaining , “I’m bored!”  on repeat. 

More than anything, a school holiday gifts the child precious time to learn from YOU. Observing your behaviors and being invited into your healthy habits lays the groundwork for how children will approach caring for their own wellbeing down the line. 

Check out these three Healthy Lessons for Little Ones you can teach over the Lunar New Year holiday! 

  1. Food is your friend! Food is central to Lunar New Year festivities so don’t make it out to be the enemy. Avoid hyper fixating on weight gain in front of your kids and shift the emphasis to highlighting the cultural significance behind a dish, savoring and describing the textures and flavors, and including nutritious and nourishing food choices on the table. 

  2. Movement is magic! Feel lazy and bored? Annoyed with the other siblings? Get moving! Putting down a device is difficult for kids AND adults. Modeling the decision to turn to movement consistently as a tool to jumpstart feeling great helps dispel the myth that exercise is punishment after too many treats or as a way to earn a big meal later. Throw on some music or hit the park to blow off steam together, bond, and keep active! 

  3. Your words matter! Kids learn how to speak to themselves and what is of importance based on what they hear. Comments amongst adults lamenting “I’m so fat” as the main takeaway from Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner or criticizing how differently So and So looks this year sends a message to children that a person’s value comes from the outside rather than within. Practice giving compliments based on someone’s generous or helpful nature or draw attention to your gratitude for abundance during your celebration! 

Whether you have children, students, nieces and nephews , godchildren or even just with your peers, YOU can help to encourage lifelong healthy habits and happy holiday memories with the behaviors that you model! 

Want to keep the whole family feeling wonderful during the winter holiday? Move at home with us with my February Unlimited On-Demand Zumba Package OR the Lunar Light Up 8-Day mini pass! You’ll have access to 7 1- hour Zumba Classes, 5 30 -minute Zumba classes and email check-ins to keep you feeling motivated during the holiday! Don’t miss out on this chance to start the Year of the Dragon off strong! 

Keep moving! 



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