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Putting it off vs. Planning for It

Hurry! Your last chance to join Lunar Light Up 2023!

“After January 1st, I’m going to start eating healthier.”

“Uhh, after this dinner party I’ll stop with the extra desserts.”

“Seriously, after Lunar New Year, I’m going to ACTUALLY make a change to my eating habits! “

Anyone else feel like they end up putting things off for a day that may never come?

I know the feeling well! When I was younger, I was a master at putting things off or procrastinating at school, mostly only motivated by a looming deadline. I thrived on pulling all-nighters and secretly enjoyed the thrill of working until the last possible moment. I’m the first to admit that planning a “slow and steady” work pace hasn’t come naturally to me, but with practice ( and the help of the amazingly organized Anna) I’ve found more thoughtful and less stressful ways of making a plan and sticking to it!

With the Lunar New Year about to begin, it’s one of the most difficult times to stick to any sort of plan— and yet feeling great during the holiday is at the top of our wish lists. We may want to enjoy, rest, eat, maintain our weight, celebrate, gather, travel, and more! But without a plan, we’re more likely to feel as though the holiday slipped by us and even worse off than when it started.

It IS possible to feel fantastic during the Lunar New Year. You DON’T HAVE to wait until after the holiday. There is a plan that can bring more ENERGY, JOY, and MOVEMENT to your break. This is why I brought Lunar Light Up back again this year with IMPROVEMENTS!

This year our 8 Day Program has even more flexibility and support than before!

  • 8 daily newsletters

  • 8 daily health + mind tips

  • *NEW*8 prerecorded classes to mix and match everyday :

    • 4 30 min Cardio classes :

      • Slow + Savor

      • Fast Calorie Blast

      • Powerful Me

      • Celebrate + Feel Great

    • 4 15 min Target + Tone classes :

      • Hot Hips + Abs

      • Lower Body Burn

      • Awesome Arms

      • Beautiful Balance

  • *NEW* Dance Song breakdown videos great for beginners!

  • *NEW* Private FaceBook Support Group

  • AND a chance to win a private class in person or online with me!

All for 1000nt/ $35 USD!

With registration closing at 12 noon on Friday ( Taiwan time), hurry and sign up NOW to join us! I can’t wait to share ( and follow along with) Lunar Light Up 2023 with all of you!!

Want to give your friend the gift of Fun and Fitness for Lunar New Year?! Head to my IG or Facebook to tag a friend for a chance to win a spot for him or her in my Lunar Light Up 2023 program!! Winner will be selected Thursday noon Taiwan time!

Happy New Year and Keep moving!



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