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Put Down Your Mask

.. and Dress up for

our Halloween Parties!

Halloween is almost here! While the first things that come to mind are usually little ones in adorable costumes and trick or treating, I’ve happily continued the tradition of dressing up way into adulthood! A chance to wear something out of the ordinary or show a side of yourself you wouldn’t dare on a normal day— we all could use some of that!

Masks and costumes may seem reserved for Halloween, but in reality, many of us wear masks every day. The masks of being a flawless woman, an ever patient parent, a tireless employee, the perfect partner, or the successful guy who has it all together. We might wear masks so as to not disappoint others, to keep the peace, to protect ourselves from scrutiny, to be well-liked, to hide our true feelings and more. After all, we can’t just run around acting out of control with our emotions, telling our families or boss to take a hike whenever we want, right?!

The danger in constantly putting on a mask of what we think we should be or what others expect us to be is that over time we may feel even more lost about who we are, what we like, what we feel and believe.

We all deserve time to take off our masks, to put our defenses down, and to feel free to be ourselves. To me, this is the beauty of dancing together in class. Expectations, roles, egos, and pressure stay outside the door. We focus on being in the present moment with the music and joyful mood. We support and give others the space to be themselves, too. And over time, a certain confidence and sense of being comfortable in our own skin carries itself off the dance floor and into our everyday lives.

With that said, this week, however, I’m asking you to put ON your mask, costume, or face paint! 👻We’ve got two Halloween Zumba parties— Thursday 12:30 and Saturday 11am for you to let loose with some spooky songs and fun! Dress up in a costume or wear black or orange to help us celebrate ! Hope to see you there!

Happy Halloween!



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