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Preparing for Life Moves + Changes

Making Big Moves? Read This!

For someone who loves moving (my body), I despise moving house. For someone who has sought growth and change, I dread when they are forced upon me. 

Who can  relate?!

Today I imagined myself  like Sex In the City’s Carrie Bradshaw (with a much different wardrobe) dramatically standing in the doorway of my nearly empty apartment glancing back at what I’m leaving behind— my thirties, the cocoon where I learned to live alone, my virtual dance studio during the pandemic, the nest so many friends took refuge within, and my home for almost a decade of memories and transformation.  

Life transitions are TOUGH and the unknown is STRESSFUL. Even when you believe your kid is going off to a great school, or that the new job was what you had wished for, or in my case that I’ll eventually come to love the new Taipei neighborhood I’ll be living in. That’s why lately I’ve been trying my best to mentally and physically prepare for what is to come. 

Check out some of the ways I’ve been preparing for  big life moves and changes!

  • Keep habits consistent. With so much going on and so many changes that feel as if they are happening TO me, I’ve been looking for what’s within my control. Keeping up with a few quick strengthening workouts, meal prep (although somewhat simplified) and sleep has made a huge difference!

  • Feel all the feelings. Irritated, sentimental, stressed, sad, excited. I’ve been allowing myself to feel them all– and without judgment. Journaling, sharing my feelings with others, and dancing have allowed me to acknowledge my feelings, really feel them, and not get stuck in any one of them for too long.

  • Make a plan. Starting early to sort my belongings, have final hangs with friends on my favorite sofa, a slumber party with my goddaughter, and scheduling a  break from work to celebrate another decade of my life  surrounded by friends all helped ensure I could get done the practical items on my to-do list while not rushing past the more sentimental moments I will treasure for years to come. 

  • Ask for help. So many of us love to offer our assistance to others, but feel shy and reluctant to reach out to others for help. Being vulnerable enough to admit we cannot do everything on our own  allows people in, builds relationships and also helps lighten our burdens.

  “And just like that, it was over,” Carrie would say as she closed the apartment door for the last time. Except that this isn’t a TV series finale and it isn’t over– the changes, the growth, the movement continues on. And thank goodness for that!


Whatever life transitions and moves are headed your way, know that I’m here to keep your body, mind, and heart moving in class and at home! Let’s dance through all the life stages and changes together!

Keep moving!



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