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Practice to Progress

Moving step by step together!

As I write the newsletter this week I’m wiping off the sweat from my first in-person class in over 2 1/2 months! What a feeling to be out of the house and back in a classroom! I was even grateful for the face mask as I taught ( in addition to keeping us safe) for hiding my expressions that ranged from wanting to cry with joy to bursting out in song to over eager enthusiasm 🤣.

It is certainly true that a live dance fitness class is a one of a kind experience, and one I’m looking forward to being able to do with you all again soon! Still, today made me even more grateful for the online classes we’ve been able to continue with since the start of lockdown. The meaning, exercise, routine, and connection with others I have found through the online classes has kept me afloat physically, mentally, financially and emotionally during one of the most isolated and challenging times I’ve experienced so far in my life.

Reading the online feedback forms from so many of you last week also reinforced how helpful the classes have been for our community, too! From people in other countries, to those searching for balance working from home around Taiwan, to those struggling with physical and mental health, to parents and partners in need of a daily dance break, these online classes moved our bodies, minds, and hearts as a community coming together.

Truthfully the lockdown and other events of this past year had taken me to a mindset of uncertainty where I had questioned a lot of my purpose , as well as faced anxiety around not feeling productive and as positive as I was expecting myself to be in hard times. I’m finally at a place where I can look at these past 80- something days of lockdown and say, hey it wasn’t perfect, I’m not perfect, but not giving up is sometimes enough. Speaking kindly to myself and loving even my unproductive, imperfect sides is a practice — a practice that leads to progress.

Thank you for being a part of this community that has lifted myself and so many others up. Thank you for showing up perfectly imperfect as you are, as we all are. Let’s keep supporting one another in our practice of moving our bodies, minds and hearts together. Let’s practice in order to progress together!

Keep on moving!



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