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My Worry Wagon 我的擔心馬車

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Keeping calm

and carrying on in the face of fear

This past week my mind has been moving a million miles an hour. With all the commotion surrounding the Coronavirus, I’ve found myself constantly on my phone reading the news, searching for updates and opinions regarding what the latest developments are and how to best handle the situation. Truthfully, I’m aware that the more I read, the more anxious I feel. And once I start feeling anxious, it starts to move from worries about health to worries about work to worries about future plans, relationships and everything in between. It’s difficult to get off that worry wagon once you’re on it!

A big part of feeling anxious is feeling like things are beyond our control. In our current situation aside from taking precautions like washing our hands well and wearing masks, there doesn’t seem to be much to do but wait and hope things will pass quickly. But at least for me, sitting tight and waiting sometimes gives me too much time to think, whereas I’d rather be doing something, anything, to feel like I’m working on solving a particular problem.

Getting stuck in a whirlwind of worry can feel overwhelming, uncomfortable, and unproductive. But sometimes by examining it more closely, anxiety can also be useful in telling me areas that I can actually take better control of in my life. Fears about health, safety, and security are reminders to prioritize taking good care of myself and to make better decisions on a daily basis. While I can’t control everything in the news or even people in my own life, I can do small things —put down my phone earlier at night to sleep, and choose positive people to surround myself with.

And as always, there is dance. The time during each week when I’m lost in the moment , moved by the music inside and out, and uplifted by the connection we share in class. For so many of us, it’s truly a stressbuster and further affirmation that life should be celebrated under any circumstances.

Please take good care of yourself body, heart and mind, particularly during this time. For further information regarding our class policies at the moment, please read the guidelines found below. Whether you are attending classes or dancing at home with our videos, thank you for being part of a movement that calms my worries and brings joy to my life!


📢 Coronavirus Safety Precaution 🚨

Please refrain from attending class if you're feeling unwell or is having flu-like symptoms.

We've reached an agreement with TDC & FD:

1. If you have just returned Taiwan (from 15 Jan onwards), you should not visit the studios for the next 14 days (from your date of arrival). Please contact us so we can help process extending your expiration date.

2. Before you enter the studio, we will take your temperature from your forehead. If it's over 37 degrees, we will kindly ask you to rest at home and will automatically extend your expiration date.

Thank you very much!🙏 Take care and stay healthy!❤


Keep moving! xx, Katie








📢 防範新型冠狀病毒公告 🚨


為了防範新型冠狀病毒,我們也與租借教室(TDC & FD)達成共識: 1. 請從 1/15 至今,從國外返台的同學,【休息兩周後(自返台當天計算)】再來上課,請與我們聯絡來延長季票期限。 2. 【測體溫】 若超過37度(額溫),謝絕參加當日課程,會自動延長你的季票期限。

非常感謝您的配合🙏 祝您健康平安❤



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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