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You keep us all moving!

When times get tough it’s no secret that mothers step up to take on even more responsibilities. Staying by your kids’ sides to help with online learning, trying to keep everyone happy while at home, making sure everyone in the house is well fed and healthy — it’s a lot! And it often means that moms put others before themselves, then are left with the least amount of time for themselves, their routines or their own well-being.

It’s been said time after time but deserves repeating —we can give more , feel more capable and better help others when we take care of ourselves too! We can model the importance of physical, mental and emotional health when we don’t simply tell children what to do , but show them how we treat and look after ourselves.

For all you Supermoms out there in our community, working harder than ever in these trying times, we see you and want to celebrate you! In celebration of Mother’s Day, this week take a short video of you dancing with your mom, child, or favorite mom friend and tag #movelikemom ! I can’t wait to see you shake what your mama have you! 🤩

For those who haven’t been able to attend class as your kids are home from school, we have something in the works to get you dancing again while also help keeping your kids happy, active and occupied! Stay tuned for more news soon!

Wishing you, your mom or just the favorite mom friend in your life a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep moving you marvelous mothers!



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