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More Fun, Fierce, and Free!

Celebrating 5 years of

Fit + Flaunt!

Outfit by AM ME Sporty


Happy 5 Year Anniversary to my Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness crew!

Besides just growing in the number of people who have experienced the class, I’ve seen so much growth in dance skills, confidence, and abilities to express of those who have joined Fit + Flaunt over the past 5 years!

I, too, have felt so much growth as an instructor and an individual during this time.

When I was back in the US this summer, I came across journals and notes I wrote throughout my childhood and teenage years. Seeing in my own words how the insecurities and doubts about myself transformed into openness and connection solidified my belief that dance can be such a powerful tool in self-discovery. It also gave me even more motivation to find ways to help others move their bodies, minds, and hearts!

During the upcoming month, I’ll be sharing more of my own story as AM ME Sporty’s September Woman Power Representative. I’m so very excited to be collaborating with this women-led sports fashion brand which stands for self-love, inclusion, and sustainability! Make sure you follow along on my social media posts all month long for some exciting content and to get a special deal on some of my favorite clothing items! When you use my code “KATIE” at the checkout on get 100元 off of your purchase!

Cheers to many more years of dancing and growing together! As always, thank you for continuing to move along with me!



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