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Love, Loyalty & Friendship

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Last week, while I was taking it easy and getting more rest, I spent the majority of my time pouring over old family photos. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, so a special Happy Anniversary shoutout to them! As we were not able to host a large gathering due to COVID-19, my sisters and I put together a video highlighting many of the good times they and our family enjoyed over the years.

I wanted to share one of the central themes of the video and of their marriage with you. Many of my students and friends have asked about the ring I always wear. The claddaugh ring is a traditional Irish ring depicting a heart, two hands, and a crown which represent love, friendship and loyalty respectively. People wear the ring with the heart facing inwards or outwards depending on their status as in a relationship or single.

When my parents met at a party years ago it was because of the ring that they noticed each other and began their romance! And on the day of their marriage , the claddaugh ring was again depicted on the cover of their wedding program booklet. Throughout their entire relationship, love, friendship, and loyalty were the foundations which kept their long lasting marriage thriving.

As a single woman ( and with a claddaugh ring facing outwards ;) ) these ideas of love, friendship, and loyalty are applicable to what I hope to bring to all my connections with others and also to my relationship with myself. Trying to show up every day with compassion, support, good intentions, and commitment in everything I do has been a lesson my parents have inspired in me and in so many others. I hope their story provides some inspiration to you today too!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Wishing you all fulfilling connections with one another and yourselves!

Keep moving!



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