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Looking for a Solution for Laziness?

Leave behind a lazy Lunar New Year with us!

We’re in the second week of 2023 already— how are those New Year’s resolutions and goals going so far! ?

Even with the best of intentions, it’s no easy feat to follow through with our plans for a more productive, healthier, and happier year once the initial excitement of the first few days of January pass. Maybe we set unrealistic goals, hit unanticipated roadblocks or are battling with negative self-talk.

When it comes to stories we tell about ourselves, one of the top statements I hear from others is, “I’m just too lazy.” Too lazy to leave the couch , too lazy to come to class, too lazy to start a workout program... But is belittling ourselves really helping?

Check out these tips on how to leave the “I’m too lazy to exercise “ trap behind.

#1. Realize you’re probably not really lazy. 😯

What did you do today? Did you pick up your house? Go to work? Prepare a meal or help a family member? Give yourself some credit for what you DO do.

Calling yourself too lazy to workout ignores the fact that we all have choices and responsibilities that we put energy into each day. It shames us into thinking there is something bad about us when we might just have a negative connotation towards exercise as long and unpleasant.

#2. Maybe your workout isn’t fun enough!

“Too lazy” to torture yourself? No wonder! We are hardwired to avoid things that are painful. When you were a child did you play? Cycle? Dance?

Reframe exercise as joyful movement and choose something you enjoy! Hint: Zumba class is like a party!

#3. You are actually just short on time.

If you think you have to slave away on the treadmill for an hour or find the perfect moment to start, chances are you will call yourself lazy and/ or too busy, and easily talk yourself out of your workout. Start small with a commitment to joyfully move 5-15 minutes a day. ⭐️ Pro-tip: Lunar Light Up 2023 classes start at just 15 minutes a day to help you reach your goals!

#4 You are really overwhelmed.

When a task seems insurmountable and over complicated , calling ourselves “lazy” protects us from fears of failure. Starting slow and simply with basic movements builds confidence. ⭐️In Lunar Light Up 2023, I’m breaking down the movements to 8 songs of different styles so that you can practice the basic steps along with me and even learn some choreography!

To get moving in 2023, let’s put the “I’m too lazy to workout” talk to rest! Start small, learn the basics & focus on fun with my Lunar Light Up program! Program starts on 1/21 so read more about it here and sign up fast!

Keep moving,


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