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Look Up

Raising our gaze to find joy

After completing a few large work projects in the past month or so, I’m happy to emerge from a bit of a work bubble. When I’ve got something big on the work horizon, I often find myself with tunnel vision, keeping my head down focusing on just one thing at hand. Today I found myself looking up, admiring the blue sky and thinking about what I had missed while I had been so focused on work.

I often see this is class too. The times where students are so focused on my feet and on getting every step correct. In those moments I always want to tell students, look up! The most important things aren’t happening with my feet, but sharing eye contact and sharing smiles with one another.

We all get bogged down with projects, responsibilities, and stress. I know I for one need the reminder that while working hard is important and striving for excellence in areas is understandable, that a lot of the magic of living and the most beautiful moments occur when we take the time to raise our gaze to the bigger picture happening around us. Whatever you are focusing on today, or even while you are in class dancing with us, hope you can let go of perfection and find joy in your work or movements!

Don’t forget the Beam & Bounce crew will be partying it up on 6/26! At this theme party, attendees are asked to come in their favorite retro costumes for a super fun afternoon of eating, drinking, dancing and socializing! For more info check out the event page and for tickets see here.

Keep moving!



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