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🧧🎊 It’s here!!! 🎊🧧

Are you ready for the Lunar Light Up??

Holiday time is great, but so often can become stressful if we get wrapped up in worry of weight gain, pressure from hanging with relatives, or thrown off of our regular routines.

That's why I put together Lunar Light Up! for you! Lunar Light Up! is all about helping you feel energized, active, and glowing —inside and out— the entire week of Lunar New Year!

During this 8 day program you will receive:

✔ 8 Daily Emails to help keep you connected and motivated all holiday long

✔ 8 approx. 1 hr. Pre-recorded ZinStudio Zumba Classes

✔ 8 Dance Skill Video Tips to hone moves like hip circles or salsa steps

✔ 8 Body + Mind Tips to feel great inside and out


The chance to win a private class with Katie!

All for just 888nt!

For more information, FAQ, and to sign up, click here!!

We’re so happy to be here to help you make the most out of this Lunar Light Up!

Together we will keep moving, dancing, and shining all week long and beyond!



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