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I Missed You! 💕

Long time no dance! ⏰ 💃🏽

It’s good to be back! Back to Taipei, back on my feet, back to teaching! Now if only I can get my body back into this time zone 😵‍💫😜 ! In spite of being up with jet lag since 3am, I’m beaming with a much-needed post-class glow as I write this!

It’s been over a month since our last newsletter — the longest break we’ve taken— and to say there’s so much I want to share, reflect on, or just dance along together with you, is an understatement. But there’s plenty of time to get to that! In the spirit of continuing on the holiday vibes, I’m all about slowly easing back into the groove this week.

The time at home with my family not only gave me the opportunity to rest my knee, but also gave my mind, my perspective, my heart and purpose a chance to feel truly refreshed. I am SO grateful to the family and friends ( yes, many of you!) who shared precious moments and meaningful conversations with me. You planted seeds in my mind and held up mirrors that allowed me to see myself the way that only those that love you can do!

Now with my cup filled up again, I’m so excited to share my energy with you soon! Next week I will be back to teaching my regular group class schedule of livestream, prerecorded and in-person classes. Looking forward to celebrating being back with you on the dance floor!



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