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Happy Chinese New Year!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Rest up before working like an ox in the new year!

After what felt like the longest lunar year yet, Chinese New Year is here at last! Like every year, I appreciate this second chance to get started on new plans, projects, and resolutions. The traditions of tidying and clearing space before Chinese New Year along with the deserted streets of Taipei during the holiday are far more conducive to a “fresh start” than January 1st in my opinion!

While the Year of the Rat was filled with fretting, the coming Year of the Ox inspires us to embrace strength, stability, and determination. Hopefully after a break from work and with time to recharge with loved ones, we will be ready to do just that!

So for those celebrating Chinese New Year, enjoy! Savor your time with family as well as your meals, and disconnect from work and technology in favor of connecting with others whenever possible. Know we will be here to help you bring in the Year of the Ox— working hard, dancing, and supporting one another to make our wishes for good health, good fortune, and happiness come true!

Also, a quick reminder, TDC and Flying Dance classes will be on holiday until 2/18 and there will be no newsletter next week. We are taking time off from replying to social media messages from 2/11-2/16. And finally, if you are interested in joining the Beam & Bounce dance party on 3/6 from 14:30-16:30, please contact me to save your spot!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Keep moving!



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