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Happy Chinese New Year 恭喜新年好

Year of the Rat

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the start of the biggest holiday season in Asia, and as always, I’m enjoying the festive buzz in the air. With the long school and work days for many in Taiwan, it’s no wonder people young and old are beaming while out on the streets as they buy red banners to decorate their homes, collect food and supplies for their feasts with family, and more.

As I’ve mentioned in previous years’ newsletters, one of my favorite parts of Chinese New Year is that it gives me an additional chance to get the year off to a great start. Christmas and New Years can burn me out with lots of partying and the pressure of resolutions, making it more difficult to be fully motivated during the first few weeks of the year. In the days before Chinese New Year as everyone cleans out their homes and sweeps out the bad luck of the previous year, I finally start to feel prepared to tackle the challenges, changes, and growth that another year brings with it. If the beginning of 2020 wasn’t as inspired as you had hoped, now is your chance to hit the ‘reset’ button, too!

Although everyone who knows me can vouch for my absolute terror of rodents, I was actually born in the year of the rat. And because in a few days we are starting a new 12 year cycle with the year of the rat, I chose a suitable song for this week’s video. In between resting, meals and games of mahjong, why not take a dance break with your family!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a very Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy all the visiting and feasting with loved ones. See you after the break!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



如同我先前電子報所提及的,其中一個我最喜歡農曆年的部分,就是它給我另一個開啟今年機會。聖誕節與新年因為許多的派對以及「新年新希望」的壓力,有時讓我感到筋疲力盡,讓我在新年的頭幾周沒有辦法如期地充滿動力。在除夕當大家開始大掃除,掃掉去年的壞運氣時,我終於開始準備好要面對今年所帶來的挑戰、改變與成長。如果 2020 年的一開始不如你預期的有動力,現在也是你另一個可以按下「重新開機」的機會!




愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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