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Gratitude for Essential Workers 不可或缺的各行各業

Big thanks to those working everywhere!

Two weeks ago I gave a shoutout to my older sister and all the healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of helping people during this time. Through this situation we are becoming more and more aware of just how invaluable the work of people in a wide range of professions , from grocery store clerks to mental health providers , teachers to sanitation workers, is to a well run society.

So this week, I’m shouting out one of my other favorite essential workers, my younger sister who works as a Social Worker with homeless youth in NYC. Needless to say, this is exactly the kind of job that deals with truly the most vulnerable populations and requires enormous strength and heart in even “normal” times.

With Siblings Day last Friday April 10, I want to shower my sisters with extra appreciation and recognition for the awesome, selfless work they do for others. This week’s song is for my little sister, the biggest Prince fan I know. While Prince songs are notorious for getting taken down on all media platforms, I chose to dance to a remake of one of his songs in her honor! Hope you Prince fans enjoy!

Lastly, thanks to all who viewed my free class on Tuesday night on the ZIN Studio platform. I receive such sweet advice! I’m working to get more videos and classes up for you soon , so stay tuned!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



所以這周我想要感謝另一份我最愛的重要職業之一------ 社工。住在紐約的妹妹正是一位社工,專門幫助無家可歸的青少年。無庸置疑地,為了能幫助這群脆弱的青少年們,這是一個即使在「平常」就需要極大心胸與力量的一份職業。

上週五(4月10日)是手足日。我想要特別感謝我的姊妹,她們從事如此無私、為他人奉獻的工作,非常以她們為榮。這周的歌曲是獻給我的妹妹 ------ Prince 的忠實鐵粉。我知道各大音樂平台 Prince 的歌都被下架了,所以我為了她選了一首翻唱版本!希望 Prince 粉絲們會喜歡!

最後,謝謝所有看我週二在 Zin Studio 平台上,播放免費線上 Zumba 課的人。我收到很多很棒的回饋唷!我會繼續努力為你們帶來更多的影片與課程,敬請期待!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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